How I started to work with essential oils.
In 2007, I started to work with essential oils after suffering from skin issues since I was very young. My skin has always been very thin and sensitive. I often got rashes, allergies, irritations, bumps and patches that were itchy or/and burning. After trying many commercial products that promised positive results, my skin still and sometimes even got more irritated. I had enough and looked for how to make my own skincare products from natural ingredients. Here my journey started. I got more and more interested in and was more and more intrigued by the healing power of nature. Feeling the need to learn more, I got my certification as internationally certified aromatherapist. Not only I got rid of all my skin issues, my skin got more resistant and better in terms of complexion, smoothness and firmness. In addition, I have discovered the positive healing impact essential oils have on our whole body, mind and soul.
“If we experience illness or dysfunction, by using pure essential oils the right way, our body and mind can be restored and rebalanced.”
After giving birth to my beautiful daughter, I have created a lot of products to keep my whole family healthy and happy. By sharing my experience and knowledge, I hope being able to contribute to other family’s health and happiness.  
More about Me
Being born and grown up in Germany, I have started to find meaning in my life, after I entered the field of health & wellness by helping people to become more happy and healthy in their mind, body and spirit.
Coming from a background of Chinese doctors of 3 generations, I truly believe that the healing spirit was passed to me.
I was always interested in people and in their complexity in how they think and feel. Therefore, I decided to take up my degree in Psychology and Masters in Buddhist studies. I am about to finish my part-time Masters in Buddhist Counselling.    
During my practice as Aromatherapist, I came across other healing modalities such as EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, Quantum touch, etc.  The cause for physical and emotional issues now make even more sense such as chronic pain, long term illnesses, serious diseases, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, fears, stress & anxiety, relationship issues, PTSD, etc……… 
I work as Aromatherapist and Emotional Release Therapist in a clinic. In addition, I also hold workshops and presentations in companies, banks and at various events. 2 of my most popular workshops are “Releasing Negative Energy for Success in Life and Work” and “Loving Kindness".