EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - Klopfakupressur

EFT verbindet die alte chinesische Akupressur mit moderner Psychologie. Unterschiedliche Akupressurpunkte im Gesicht, am Oberkörper und an den Händen werden durch leichtes Klopfen von dem Klienten selbst stimuliert. Gleichzeitig werden tiefliegende Emotionen ausgesprochen.

Blockaden im Energiesystem des Körpers verursachen negative Emotionen, die durch EFT gelöst werden können. Negative Ereignisse und Erinnerungen können in unserem Leben emotionales Unbehagen hervorrufen. Oft sind wir nicht in der Lage, diese Erinnerungen mit den Krankheitssymptomen in unserem Körper oder unseren Verhaltensmustern in Verbindung zu bringen. Mit Hilfe von EFT können wir die Erinnerung oder das Ereignis aus der Vergangenheit wieder aufgreifen und den blockierten Meridian wieder ins Gleichgewicht bringen. Oft können die emotionalen Blockaden und die körperlichen Symptome verringert oder beseitigt werden. 

Wir nutzen nur ca. 5 % unseres bewussten Verstandes. Unser Unterbewusstsein steuert etwa 95 % unserer Aktivitäten, einschließlich unseres Verhaltens und unserer Gewohnheiten. Wenn wir in der Vergangenheit negative oder traumatische Ereignisse erlebt haben, werden diese negativen Ladungen oder Energien in unserem Unterbewusstsein als negative Grundüberzeugungen gespeichert, welche unser ganzes Leben begleiten werden, wenn wir uns nicht davon befreien. 

Diese Grundüberzeugungen könnten lauten:

"Ich bin gefangen", "Ich bin nutzlos", "Ich bin ein Opfer", "Ich habe keine Kontrolle über mein Leben/Schicksal", "Ich fühle mich nicht sicher", "Ich bin nicht gut genug", "Ich bin unattraktiv", "Ich kann niemandem vertrauen", "Ich verdiene es nicht, erfolgreich zu sein/geliebt zu werden/……….

Erfolgreiche und positive Ergebnisse sind innerhalb kürzester Zeit mit EFT zu verspüren.

Das Schöne an EFT ist, dass der Klient keine persönlichen Einzelheiten offenbaren muss, wenn es nicht gewollt wird.

EFT wirkt oft dort, wo nichts anderes hilft.


Depression due to miscarriage
I went to see Ling Yee to help me deal with the difficulty I was having accepting and moving past several miscarriages I have had. The session with her was very intense and emotionally draining. However, it was worth it! During the session all these emotions just came pouring out.  Many of them must have been buried deeply inside of me as I wasn’t even aware of having them. EFT allowed me to let go of this tremendous amount of grief I was carrying around inside of me. The difference was noticeable immediately internally and externally. Internally, I felt much lighter, like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt at peace.  Externally, my husband commented  on the “glow” I was emitting after the session. Even weeks later, I was still feeling more positive than I had in a long time. How amazing to have such an amount of release from only one session. Thank you for that, Ling Yee
Yvonne Bolin


Emotional Blockages
I was skeptical about EFT but with Ling Yee's loving guidance I was able to receive comfort and release from my emotions. It is amazing after a few cycles of the tapping, the emotional pain I was experiencing with a particular emotional issue decreased dramatically, to the point where I left the session thinking what was it I was bothered about in the first place!
As a therapist/healer, Ling Yee brings with her a deep and profound knowledge and wisdom to her treatments. She has a unique gift of being able to help you pinpoint your core limiting beliefs and fears, and then help you release those blockages with universal truths so you can lead a life free from unhappiness. All with a great deal of wisdom, empathy and compassion.


Long term Anxiety & Fear
I had been traumatized by a traffic incident about in the mid-2000s and this had continued to have an impact on my daily life and relationships. I had sought treatment through a variety of conventional methods. None of them had a significant impact. After a few sessions of EFT tapping therapy with Ling Yee, however, the negative chain of repetitive thought and constant re-runs of the incident abated significantly. After about five sessions, I found myself completely free of the negative trauma and fear, and no longer periodically and regularly reviewed the chain of events from a decade earlier. The speed and effectiveness of the therapy was completely unexpected and has had an almost unbelievably positive impact on my daily life and relationships.


Headache / Backache                                                                                                 I was encountering some serious headaches/backaches that would bug me throughout the day. Luckily Ling Yee was there to help me with the pain. She explained to me what EFT and “tapping” was. We sat down and I had a session with her until the pain went away. This method for pain relief was interesting as well as effective. After a few minutes I could already feel my pain subsiding. I strongly recommend this to anyone dealing with any kind of pain in the body that is bugging them. Ling Yee is very generous and is always there to help you when you are in need of natural remedies.                                                                        Layla K.