Essential Oil Safety

Most companies don’t advice on Essential oil Safety when promoting essential oils but as a professional certified aromatherapist, I need to advice all essential oil users how to use essential oils safely. 
Due to the complex chemical constituents, pure essential oils contain a lot of healing properties. They are highly concentrated and can be very powerful. Even though essential oils are natural, they can harm when not used the right way.

Please note:

Keep out of reach of babies & children

NEVER ingest essential oils

Since essential oils don’t dilute in water, please add soap, oil or full fat milk when used in the bath water.

If essential oils get into the eyes, flush your eyes out with full fat milk and seek medical advice if the discomfort remains.

Dilute pure essential oils before applying topically over a bigger body part.

If there is a physical reaction due to the essential oils, stop using the product immediately. If symptoms persist, contact a medical professional.