Ageless Organic Coffee Bean Eye Oil

Ageless Organic Coffee Bean Eye Oil

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(reduces puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and discoloration), HKD 699

The bottle ( 270-280 drops) – almost 5 months  supply if used twice a day.

The scent of freshly brewed coffee instantly puts in a feeling good state.

Organic Coffee Bean Oil

Best eye oil for tired eyes.This small bottle contains all antioxidants and caffeine that helps to naturally rebuild collagen and elastin that helps to get rid of wrinkles and drooping skin.

  • soothes skin
  • reduces puffy eyes
  • reduces dark eye circles
  • reduces wrinkles & tightens skin
  • is anti-inflammatory & reduces redness
  • removes bacteria from the skin
  • great for smoothing dark spots, sun damage and hyperpigmentation

Rosehip seed oil deeply penetrates into the skin and it is super light and non-greasy. It’s good for all skin types including oily skin. High in vitamin A & antioxidant, it is an amazing skin rejuvenator.

It helps to remove age spots and discoloration by the sun. It has a high content of vitamin C and lycopene which removes wrinkles and scars due to its regenerative property. It is also great for acne and helps to treat eye puffiness.


Stimulates collagen production & regenerate new healthy cells; reduce swelling, inflammation, puffiness & redness; aids in blood flow; helps with hyperpigmentation, scars, blemishes & dark circles

Sweet orange

Anti-inflammatory, reduce eye puffiness; helps with collagen production, absorption of vitamin C and blood flow; smooth wrinkles


Reduces eye puffiness, decreases wrinkles and fine lines

Ylang ylang

Skin balancing; anti-inflammatory, strengthen the skin, increasing blood flow; helps to fight development of melanoma & skin cancer cells


Palmarosa essential oil is highly effective in treating sore and tired eyes. It’s great for reducing dark circles too. It has a cooling effect, that relaxes the delicate skin under the eyes.

How to use: Use 1 drop for both under eyes . Dab with your ring fingers lightly around under both eye area until the oil is fully absorbed.

Avoid getting the oil directly into the eyes.