Ling Yee’s snore stopper worked!!!  My boy friend doesn’t snore at all anymore!!! It’s like magic. I’m can only recommend it to all my friends and other people. Sonia C. Senior Consultant of Executive

Thank you Ling Yee for your wonderful aromatherapy products.  We appreciated your prompt and kind service.  Our diffuser and aroma inhaler arrived two days ago and our daughter already reports sleeping better with no nightmares, and found using her inhaler during the day helped her through a particularly stressful day. Thank you and best wishes! Mother

Whenever I feel tired or my head is not clear, I use Ling Yee’s Alert Pocket Inhaler. It instantly energizes me and makes me feel good. Iris R., Managing Director of Jet Aviation


We really like Ling Yee’s “In Flight Breathe Easy & Antiviral Spray that is very refreshing and pleasant.Crew member of Jet Aviation

Ling Yee's nasal travel campaign oils travels with me around the globe and helps my breathing immensely. I use to have either very dry or stuff up nose depending on the situation now after inhaling on the flight and on arrive my nasal passages are free and breathing is much easier. The oils use help to relax and make me feel I'm in the middle of an Australia Eucalyptus forest with lush greens being rustled by the wind. This energizes me so I'm ready to do business once landed or just fully aware of my surroundings to completely enjoy my private time. Thank you for your help it makes traveling even more exciting but also very convenient. Ms. Sara Janine Thorley, Regional Sales Manager for British Airways

My 8 years old daughter suffers from Sinusitis. After using Ling Yee’s inhaler she was able to sleep through the night. Now she has the inhaler on her bedside table for emergencies, she loves it. She hasn’t had any sleepless nights since using it. I myself suffer from sinusitis and I use Ling Yee’s inhaler everyday when I feel that my sinus headache is coming on or when I have breathing difficulties due to Asthma.  The most difficult time for me is being on a plane. Usually, I end up sick after long flights but since I started to use Ling Yee’s Sinus inhaler, I haven’t got sick after traveling. It is a great relief! I also use Ling Yee’s “Energy Booster” inhaler during the day whenever I need to wake up and concentrate and her “Sleeping Aid” inhaler before going to sleep that makes me falling asleep faster and deeper. Thomas, Father

I can give massages to my baby very quickly as there is not as much surface area!  As for the oils, I did use a bit more than I should have probably ... I shook the bottle down and just warmed it up lots of drops in my palms, and he liked it. If he fussed, as soon as I touched him, he would stop and it is really nice. I like the smell of Ling Yee’s Aromatherapy Baby Massage oil but mostly I really liked how the baby reacted. Leon is not a difficult baby so he doesn't cry a lot but he seemed more alert after his bath and the massage. Mrs. Ellen S., Mother and Associate/Managing Partner of a Law Firm

My 3 years old son suffers from Asthma and catches colds very easily. During the night he also suffers from Sinus problems. After using Ling Yee’s Aromatherapy Cold & Flu Rub, before bedtime it has helped him to sleep without difficulties throughout the night. David K., Father & Architect

I am just starting out using essential oils and love their therapeutic value. Few weeks ago, I noticed I was having pain and discomfort in my chest, and that's when I used Ling Yee’s oil. Within 12 hours I was fine and there was no pain anymore. I am convinced there are truly therapeutic values in it. I also use her face oil in my daily skincare routine now (especially before going to sleep) and I love the nourishing effect it has, plus the wonderful smell! Your essential oils are great and the service efficient &wonderful! Wish you all the best in your business! Aurelie Touzard, Senior Trade Manager

I personally started using LingYee's product 3 years ago in 2013.  They are being recommended by my sister, who is also using her products. We started off using a few of her blends like Cold & Flu, Uplift Immune System and Calming.  We loved them since the beginning!  Then I started to go for some "tailor-made" blends for my skin problem, e.g. Eczema, rashes, allergy, etc... And also some products for my face and body.  They all worked very well on me and the quality of her oil is excellent! LingYee not only sells her products, but she is also a very caring and professional aromatherapist.  Her after sales service is wonderful and she makes sure the blends are working well on you. I highly recommend her products to you! Her loyal customer, Karen Y.

I have contacted Ling Yee many times to help with various things, such as a persistent cough or even cleaning the house, and every time Ling Yee has responded quickly and given me useful advise.  Her products are really effective and as a bonus smell great!  Many thanks Ling Yee for helping me, I would definitely recommend her and say give her a try! Yo Lan

I have used Ling Yee's products on several occasions and they are indeed little life savers. The hay fever pocket inhaler is easily to use and helped immediately clearing my nose during allergy seasons. Thank you, Ling Yee! Hailon, Germany

I do not often write testimonials but this one is long overdue. I moved to Hong Kong in 2011 and for the first few years here I found myself getting sick very often. First a chest infection, then Bronchitis, then walking pneumonia. At 35 I was diagnosed with Asthma, I ended up in hospital in 2016 with full blown pneumonia. I was willing to try anything to help to boost my immune system and someone recommended me to try Ling Yee’s Aromatherapy’s products. I actually didn’t think too much about it, bought the diffuser and started using an Antibacterial/Anti-Viral blend Ling-Yee made me, every night when I got into bed. Now I am not saying it’s a medical cure and I am not one for saying it’s a miracle!! But, all I will say is, I no longer use asthma inhalers prescribed by doctors, and I have not been in hospital or to the doctors for any chest related infections in over two years since. Now, I am a pretty healthy and fit person having represented Great Britain at Dragonboat for the past couple of years and I am now experimenting with Ling-Yee’s pocket inhalers to aid with my training.  Oh and if you are still not convinced to give it a go, the products smell really, really, good!  Vicki Easton

Thank you Ling Yee for your wonderful aromatherapy products.  We appreciated your prompt and kind service.  Our diffuser and aroma inhaler arrived two days ago and our daughter already reports sleeping better with no nightmares, and found using her inhaler during the day helped her through a particularly stressful day. Thank you and best wishes! Mother


I was pleasantly surprised with Ling Yee’s Aromatherapy face oil. Usually, I find face oils a bit too oily for my liking, but Ling Yee’s Aromatherapy face oil feels light yet nourishing on my skin and has the most delicate scent. My skin has definitely become softer after I have started using it and I will definitely be coming back for more.

I can’t praise Ling Yee’s room spray enough! My personal favorite is the “Cinnamon & Pine” which reminds me of Christmas and which seems to improve my nasal allergy when I use it before going to bed. Marie Kleist, Sales & Marketing Director

 Like most women, I fear ageing so when I received aromatherapy's equivalent of the fountain of youth as a birthday present, I was only too happy to incorporate it as part of my daily skincare routine. This revitalizing facial oil was the perfect antidote to my quest for youthful looking skin and banishment of fine lines. Fused with delicate uplifting notes of various essential oils was purifying, moisturizing and protecting with visible results.

This restorative massage oil brimming with antioxidants is as nourishing for the soul as it is for the body.  Not only did it hydrate and soften my skin, correct my digestive imbalances, and invigorate my blood circulation, the aromatic scents of rosemary and sweet fennel instilled a sense of clarity and balance. One can't help sense the understanding of medicinal properties and the passion the creator has infused into each droplet. Lisa, Head of Events and Research, Alpha Southeast Asia

First, I was a bit skeptical to use oil for the face as I have a very sensitive skin and I was afraid it might be too heavy. But after applying Ling Yee’s face oil it instantly felt like a little SPA treatment at home. It's absorbed quickly and makes my skin feel so soft. And it is all natural. I love it. Verena Senksis, Manager International Brand and Marketing Communications

For the facial oils, I actually take it with me on travels too. The small size of the jar is practical and easy to take and whenever I need it, I can dab a bit on both my cheeks and my face knowing it's super good for my skin. I think good facial oils are great to have it handy.  It's pure and smell so wonderful it also lifts up my mood instantly. Ellen, Associate/Managing Partner Shanghai Law Firm

Our family has a long history with problems of stretch marks and no matter what oil/cream or lotions we used, nothing worked out. One day my friend introduced me to Ling Yee and I told her about my pregnancy and being afraid of having lots of stretch marks. She told me not to worry and that she can help me with a very nice oil. I hesitated at the beginning and thought not another oil! But then why not try, it cannot harm. I started using it when I was 5 months pregnant until the little one was born. I don’t regret buying the oil at all, my body shows no signs of any stretch marks. Ling Yee's oil was fantastic and I will highly recommend it to my family and friends. Claire, Mother

I usually have problems with my skin being too dry or too oily but after using Ling Yee’s Custom Made Face Oil, I have to say that the problem disappeared. Even using her face oil, my face feels moisturized and nourished without the feeling of oiliness. It is definitely a skin care product I can recommend to every person who is concerned about having a good quality skin. Arienne Rossi, R & D Engineer

Ling Yee´s facial oil, specially blended for my dry skin really helps to soften my skin. It gives me a great feeling of comfort and even smoothens the appearance of some skin irritation I do get very often. The all-over appearance of my skin has changed to be fresher and healthier. The body oil blend she made for my eczema also made my eczema goes away in the shortest time. Nowadays, I pay a lot of attention to my skin care products, also in aspect to its origin. With Ling Yee´s oils I do know that she uses only the best quality ones. Besides all the positive effect on my skin, it is a pleasure to relax and enjoy the beautiful smell of all the selected oils. Renate Kleemair, Senior Buyer